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'The Baroque Collection of large-scale paintings on metal panels are inspired by my love of the Baroque and Rococo style of architectural and decorative design. The Collection aims to reflect the ornamental richness and dramatic grandeur of the periods but with a modern twist'

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See also Sugarlift Gallery, New York 

Iris Diptych painting Blue Review Art Prize

The 'Iris Diptych' is hugely influenced by the Baroque and Rococo Style with its richness and elaborate ornamental designs. I wanted to incorporate some of the iconic golden flourishing detail in the centre of the two panels. The two Irises are positioned either side as though involved in some graceful dance with each other, bowing down to one another. It can be hung in various ways – individually, together but with a space in between or as one complete piece.

'Iris Diptych'   - Awarded an 'Honorable Mention' in the Blue Review Art Prize 2021 Sugarlift Gallery, New York 

One Painting, Two Panels!

For more details please enquire directly. See also Sugarlift Gallery, New York 

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