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This is a new series of Fine Art paintings exploring Classical themes

More will be added soon...


‘Arthur’ is based on a beautiful statue by renown French artist Aime-Jules Dalou (1838-1902) who was noted for his ‘unpretentious realism’. This sculpture of a five years old child, Arthur St Clair Anstruther Thomson, is held in the National Museum of Scotland.

The eyes of the statue in the final painting have been painted blue and in a realistic manner to bring that 'spark of life’ to the piece. The vibrant blue colour of the background flower represents the beauty of Nature against the Man-made sculptured form of the statue.

Pencil Statue Sketch on paper

Initial sketch drawing of Arthur


'Arthur', 30x30cm Gouache and acrylic on Dibond aluminium panel

4 development images of painting of statue bust

Development progress images of the painting

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