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'Juicy Fruit Collection'

Prices - £850 - £1,200 ex shipping 

fruit - watercolour

Prices - £3,500 - £4,800 ex shipping 

please email for more vegetables...


Delighted to be included in the 'RHS Botanical Illustration - The Gold Medal Winners' 2019 book by Charlotte Brooks. This wonderful book contains many contemporary RHS Gold Medal winning artists whose work are held in the RHS Lindley Library Art Collection. Included is some biographical information about me and my work and three of my Vegetable paintings.


Image of a Magazine Rendering a living masterpiece with images of flowers and Red Cabbage by Clare McGhee

The 'Red Cabbage' (printed incorrectly vertically), Brassica oleracea var. capitata rubra 'Marner Early Red, RHS Gold Medal painting was included in 'Rendering a living masterpiece' written by Ian Hodgson, The Garden 2012. It looked at how a new generation of artists are reinterpreting traditional techniques in Botanical art.

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