Clare McGhee



In her work, Clare always strives for a heightened sense of realism and dynamism.

“Design for me is fundamental in my work and I enjoy experimenting with different perspectives and unusual juxtapositions. I love the challenge of painting complex subjects exploring their fascinating beauty on a magnified scale.

I am really excited painting on Dibond Aluminium panels. This new innovative lightweight material has an inherently smooth surface which enhances the overall graphic finish of the paintings. Another great advantage is that it allows me the freedom to leave my work unframed giving my work a much more contemporary feel which appeals to collectors."

Medium: Gouache; watercolour, acrylic and pencil

The Process...

'Juicy Fruits - Plum' 13cmx13cm SOLD

Gouache on solid aluminium panel

Stage 1

This was a quick very rough thumbnail sketch just to establish composition & tone. I sometimes do a more finished drawing first especially if it is a complex subject

Stage 2

I isolated the circle area to be painted & sprayed the whole panel with acrylic paint. Base primer was then applied to allow the paint to adhere

Stage 3

I sketched the main points on the primed area before starting to paint with gouache and in this case watercolour too

Final Piece

Once the painting was finished I then varnished the piece with an archival varnish

Decorative Features - New*

'Decorative Features - Pear' 70cmx70cm

Gouache on Dibond Aluminium panel

Decorative Features Pear stage 1 Clare McGhee

Stage 1

I started by outlining the wrought iron background. I then sprayed acrylic paint for the background colour before applying primer

Stage 2

Once dry I then sketched in the main details before starting to paint in gouache working on the top half of the Pear first

Stage 3

Here is an in-progress image of the lower half of the Pear

Stage 4

This is the Pear now complete

Final Piece

Painting the wrought iron ornamental background proved to be a very involved stage! Once I finished painting I then added a shadow to create a greater illusion of depth before finally varnishing the piece. The whole painting took me 3-4 months to complete

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