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Christus portrait comparisonClare McGhee.png

Detail left from 'Portrait of a Young Woman' alongside a detail from the original painting on the right by Petrus Christus, 1470

Where History and Art combine...

The Portrait Series brings history to life with new interpretations of historical statues and paintings. These contemporary versions bring a completely new context to the original works whilst still reflecting the aesthetic beauty and history of the original pieces.


Each painting combines historical and natural details with a conscious eye on design and symbolism. The flowers and plants depicted within the paintings embodies the fleeting nature of life, each representing a different significance to the individual subjects. The Rose, for instance, in the ‘Portrait of a Young Woman’, is a typical symbol in the Renaissance period for love and beauty.


To enhance that ‘illusion’ of life, each piece is painted with realistic eyes, enticing the viewer to delve deeper into the work and perhaps to reflect further upon the life and history of the actual person depicted.

This is an ongoing Series and more will be added in due course...


Please email for more details

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