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If you are interested in finding out more about any pieces, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email - or via social media - Instagram or Facebook


For more sketches and background stories visit Clare's Instagram and Facebook pages


Scrollwork  - pencil sketch


Squash drawing - pencil sketch


Onion - pencil sketch


Tomato - pencil sketch


Finial  - pencil sketch


Detail of Aubergine  - pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of a marble bust of a girl

Marble bust of Girl - pencil sketch

Sketch of an agapanthus flower bud opening

Agapanthus flower bud opening - pencil sketch

Pen and ink sketch of Classical pillar detail

Classical Pillar detail - pencil and ink sketch

Sketch of some blackberries

Brambles/Blackberries - pencil and coloured pencil

Pencil sketch of a daffodil with black background

Daffodil - pencil sketch


Daffodil sketch - pencil and acrylic

Pencil and ink sketch of a statue male head

Statue 1 - pencil and ink sketch

2 sketches of a statue head in pencil and ink with black background

Statue 2 - pencil and ink sketch

Biro and marker pen sketch of a female head statue with blue background

Statue 3 - Biro and marker pen sketch

Biro and marker pen sketch of a female head statue with blue background

In progress images of Statue 3 pen sketch

Pencil drawing of part of a Pineapple

Pineapple - pencil sketch

Colored drawing of Robert Burns with blue background

Robert Burns - gouache wash pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of a statue of a boy, Arthur

Arthur - pencil sketch. See Classical Pieces for more images

Pencil portrait sketch of Robert Burns statue

Robert Burns - initial sketch before colour was added

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